You can now apply for Ghana visa and passport using our new online application system.

Welcome to the Online Visa Application

The official online Visa Application for Ghana Visas (only applications from Netherland is accepted) - View Requirements / Travel Advice for the Summer


Requirements for Visa Applicants

An applicant is required to fulfill the following requirements when applying for an entry visa;

  • Applicants should be legally resident in the Netherlands
  • Applicant should submit a duly completed visa application form online at , upload supporting documents and copy of bio-data page of passport in pdf format, upload a passport size photograph (NOT more than 1MB) taken not more than three (3) months prior to the date of submission.
  • A printout or actual printed copy of the appointment letter generated after the online submission.
  • Originals of supporting documents for inspection.
  • A copy of a return ticket or print out of travel itinerary for inspection.
  • In cases of Journalists and/or film crew, who are covering an event or shooting a film in Ghana, additional requirements are needed, which may include but not limited to, a list of filming equipment, location of filming, information about the filming project. The Consular Section will request entry from the relevant Ghanaian authorities on behalf of such applicants. After entry permission has been granted, such applicants may finally submit their visa application. Media personnel whose permits are not routed through the Consular Section will be asked to restart the process. Media Personnel must pick up forms to fill to apply for their permits. More information can be obtained by contacting the Consular Section.
  • An international certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever.
  • Applicant’s passport must have validity of at least six(6) months prior to their application.


The Consular Section wishes to inform all visa applicants travelling to Ghana this summer to endeavour to make their applications and appointments as early as possible within two (2) months to their intended travel dates.

If the appointment slots are taken for the period you wish to travel, you may use the Emergency application procedure. This process attracts double the regular fee and will be processed in the same day of payment at the Section. Additional information about the process is available in the Visa Application Guide. Please do not visit the Consular Section without an online application as you will not receive attention without an online application.

FOR EMERGENCY VISA, YOU NOT REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT. YOU, HOWEVER, HAVE TO APPLY, SUBMIT ONLINE AND PRESENT YOUR PASSPORT AND PRINTED FORMS ON ANY OF THE VISA DAYS. All other Visa regulations apply as usual. For people with special cases, kindly email We wish you all a great summer and happy travels.

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